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Training Centre

The training center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Qurayat is working to develop the human resources in the private sector in Gurayat and improve the skills and abilities of individuals theoretical and practical, based on the centrality of the human element and its...

Media Center

The Chamber of Commerce organizes public seminars and conferences that discuss the problems of businessmen, companies and institutions and the private sector’s greetings under the current circumstances. It also participates in national events and interacts with all areas of the region that...

Advisory services

Each facility has its own vision, culture and style of operation, and we at the Oriental Chamber of Employment Center are well aware of it and through our consultancy services we seek to provide all the information, solutions and suggestions that can help managers, officials and specialists in the...

Application for posts

In keeping with its growing interest in the issues of recruiting and replacing the national manpower in the private sector, and based on the nature of the pivotal role assigned to it in the environment of the business, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Qurayat initiated the establishment of...

Preparation of researches and studies

The chamber works to provide information to all categories of beneficiaries and to provide the facilities and capabilities that enable the center to serve them in the best way. Contribute to the dissemination of information by all means, with the aim of advising and informing businessmen and...

Sustainable development services

To provide specific initiatives with the business sector, through community partnerships, strengthening the role of the development chamber, fostering a culture of sustainable development and social responsibility programs in the business community, and collaborating with various government...

(AR) إدارة التدريب الإلكتروني

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(AR) بوابة الاستثمار البلدي

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(AR) استبيانات

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Media Center

(AR) (المهارات البيعية) Date 2020/01/07

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(AR) مبادرات الجمارك السعودية نحو تيسير التجارة Date 2019/12/18

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Ministry Announcements

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The Ministry of Trade and Investment (20) and (21) citizens of the applicants and applicants for the administrative functions of the Ministry of Trade and Investment announced in the date 13-03-1440... Read More

The efforts of eight government agencies unite in the national programme to combat trade cover-up, which will be a possible arm for Saudis to ownership and engage in business in various commercial... Read More

The Ministry of Trade and Investment is keen to devote the love of business and the development of the sense of supervision of children when they visit their awareness fairs participating in the... Read More


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  • 07/01/2020

    (AR) (المهارات البيعية)

  • 18/12/2019

    (AR) مبادرات الجمارك السعودية نحو تيسير التجارة

Electronic Training

Train and qualify Saudi youth to work by offering high quality programs and courses

Online training program to prepare trainers and lecturers, and train them in the preparation of training bags and development of training skills The aim of this online training program is to qualify the participants scientifically and professionally and to equip them with the practical expertise...


The strongest training Diploma in Business Management qualifies participants to understand and assimilate modern business management concepts and applications. and assist them in reaching senior leadership positions in companies. Assists individuals wishing to change careers to business...


Training course online to qualify learners to work in the different departments of hospitals and sick boxes, in laboratories and radiology centers and in the private clinics, which are linked to the diversity of administrative and organizational tasks in dealing with files and medical records, and...


All lectures are offered in the form of asynchronous or non-interactive training (i.e. by attending a lecture recording at any time suitable for the trainee during the prescribed period of the diploma). Duration of the program: (two semesters-a total of 8 months intensive) Academic year-300...


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