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The chamber’s committees represent the most important and prominent development performance mechanisms for them; one of their important areas of engagement with the issues and aspirations of the participants; and activating their contributions to economic and development performance, which are permanent committees, because they consider matters and issues related to the core business of the Chamber; Living entities with an active elites in the business community have succeeded in filling vacancies in the horizon of economic and social mobility, establishing and developing institutions of civil society, in addition to their roles in diagnosing the issues of their sector, adopting appropriate solutions and communicating on behalf of their base of investors with executive leaders Government and local and foreign bodies to protect the interests of workers in the sector and maximize interest in the interest of the macro-economy. These committees are made up of some of the experienced business owners of the chamber participants, who perform the following tasks as defined by the regulation issued after the development of the organization of its work by the decision of the Chairman of the board of Directors of Room No. (401) and the date of 18/3/1421 H. The committees are directly linked to the board of directors, each of which is headed by a board member, or who is considered by the Board to have expertise from outside the board of directors. It emanates from each management committee, performs the work of the Technical secretariat of the Committees, its subcommittees and the presentation of issues and problems from the sector’s enterprises to them to develop the necessary recommendations and solutions.

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