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 Preparation and provision of modern studies, information and data on the sector by identifying the objectives of supporting and assisting small and medium enterprises, after conducting comprehensive and integrated studies of the basic definitions of small and medium enterprises, and selecting the most suitable and the sign of them which serves The interests of small and medium enterprises in the Kingdom.
To identify all the problems and obstacles faced by small and medium enterprises and limit their growth, whether they exist or foreseeable, and to design appropriate policies to avoid them, in accordance with the results of studies prepared by the Centre or stakeholders.
collection, analysis and extraction of the most important results of studies and research on small and medium enterprises.
Examine possible ways to strengthen and unify the efforts made by the relevant authorities.
To take stock of the services provided to the sector to determine the viability of its operation and to develop programmes that serve new areas.
Preparation of guidance and practical manuals related to the sector.
Study the investment opportunities available in the Kingdom in cooperation with the Chambers.

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