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The Center works on the development of small and emerging enterprises and entrepreneurs, through collaboration with supporting and sponsoring entities and the implementation of many initiatives that reduce the gap between need and supply, using advanced methods and systems and modern trends.
To promote the development of small and medium enterprises in Taif and to develop their contribution to the achievement of economic and social development.

To be the main instrument of the Chamber in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Taif by contributing to the creation of a suitable and encouraging working environment for the establishment and continuation of small and medium enterprises in Taif in cooperation with the Chambers and agencies concerned with the support and regulation of small and medium enterprises, general objectives:

Spreading the culture of self-employment in the Community and developing entrepreneurship and leadership among young people.
Promote the role of the Chambers in the support and development of the sector.
Working to coordinate with government agencies involved in the sector and to collect and unify the efforts made by those authorities
To promote the use of international programs geared to the development of small and medium enterprises and to benefit from successful international experiences in the promotion and development of small and medium enterprises in the Kingdom.
Facilitate financing for small and medium enterprises.
Preparing and providing modern studies, information and data about the sector.
Enhancing the competitiveness and export capacity of small and medium enterprises.

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