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Establishment of the public relations department in the room

In the beginning of the work of the Chamber was the Secretary-General and the assistant to work the public relations of the Chamber of receptions for visiting delegations and contact with the local and foreign authorities, and in the year 1399 a department of Public Relations was established in the room and was competent to:

Follow-up procedures for obtaining visas for members of visiting delegations to the Chamber.
Receive delegations and facilitate their stay at Riyadh hotels if needed.
Arranging the meeting of these delegations with businessmen at or outside the room and setting the agendas of their meetings and various visiting programs.
Prepare a detailed report on the delegation’s visit for publication in the Chamber magazine (Riyadh Trade) for the benefit of businessmen whose circumstances did not enable them to meet with the delegation.
Announcement in the daily newspapers and the room magazine on the dates of visits by delegations and their areas of specialization.
Follow up on what is published in the newspapers about the room and publish all the news about the room’s members.
Organization of seminars, lectures, conferences, meetings and participation in other bodies of these events.
Organize exhibitions and markets and participate in exhibitions and local and international markets.
To support the channels of communication between the room, the government agencies concerned and the external entities in other countries.

Public Relations Department Public Relations Department